As a clinical social worker who is also a writer I thought it was time to finally climb on board the technology bandwagon (okay I’m mixing metaphors here, forgive me!) and try my hand in the bloggy world.

The first time I tried to do step-aerobics I knocked a woman off her step–I imagine I’ll be making many (but hopefully less bruising) mistakes here. 

I do hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for giving it a read.


16 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations Tanya: I look forward to seeing how your site grows, I know trauma from many perspectives and know that you have the tools to address it. I too am dealing with traumatized children who are suffering the particular strings of adoption trauma and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Sometimes the adoptive parents become traumatized as well by their challenging parenting experiences. I’m sure I’ll have referrals for you. I have already referred an EMDR possible client who is 4 years old.

    1. Hi Bette: thanks for the comment! There is a book on Reactive Attachment Disorder I have at the office, “Taming the Tiger While It’s Still a Kitten” written by a foster parent who specializes in RAD. I can loan it to you if you are interested.

  2. Dear Tanya, A lovely beginning to a new venue. I remember” Hello Moon ” well.
    I enjoyed reading it to Benji and Jonah.I understand their attachment to it. There was something magical about the repetition. We wish you much luck in your growing career and your new blog venture. With all our love Diana & John Valenti,proud Parents- In-Law.

  3. Hi Tanya! Love the blog thing! I’m sure it will be a success as you are a FANTASTIC writer- engaging, funny, easy to follow, and very frank! You capture the ins and outs of parenthood like no one else I know. Well done! Lots of love,


  4. I enjoyed reading your site – great photo!! Congrats and I will make more time to read to my twin grandbabies

    1. Bonny: your grandchildren are SO lucky to have you in their lives, and close by to boot! I would have given my left arm to have had a local grandma when the boys were little. In fact I think I threatened my mother with kidnapping…this might explain the restraining orders! 🙂

  5. Hi Tanya…Great memories of my own experience with my daughter and “Good Night Moon”!!!! I love the idea of returning to the comforting rituals of childhood. Good luck!

  6. Well, I have often wondered about this unbelievable love of repetition — including in myself — and this puts it into context. Thanks!

  7. Great idea for a blog and wonderful read, Tanya! I finally understand why my nephew watched the Lion King so many times that the entire household conspired to ‘lose’ the disc (temporarily).

    Keep it up! Yours will be a new favorite blog to check for new entries!

  8. I’ve never been sure about blogs….

    Do you wear them like clogs?

    Are they dark like the English wogs?

    Or are they green and jump like frogs?

    Can you play with them like my dog?

    Can you roll them like logs?

    And are they dirty like hogs?

    Maybe it’s a slow run like jogs.

    Or something like the cogs in a wheel.

    Are they scary like oogs? They used to scare me when I was a child, but not any more….well maybe just a little bit.

    And do some people wear them like sogs?

    Can one be found under my hat like a nog?
    Do they make it hard to breath like mog?

    Or hard to see like fog?

    Do they look and smell like a bog? My little brother does sometimes….ooow!

    It really sounds like what my mother fed me as a child. She called it a zwog and it tasted like a Walla Walla sweet onion but it wasn’t sweet at all. To this day I hate zwogs.

    And I’m still not really very sure about blogs…

  9. Beautiful job, Tanya. You’re a fine writer and to blend therapy with your writing style is excellent.

    Consider coming to Connections this Wednesday. We are a group of therapists who meet at the Mountlake Terrace Library once a month, share referrals, and have a website at We meet from 11:30 to 1:00 PM. Bring your brown bag lunch if you like.


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