For those of you who have been following my blog (hello mom!) and are local to the Seattle area (sorry mom) you may be interested to know about a wonderful conference for people with Attention Deficit Disorder coming up next month, November 14th in Bellevue.  

It’s called “Acceptance Is Empowering,” and ADD Resources, a local nonprofit serving the needs of people with ADD and ADHD diagnosis as well as their partners and families is putting it on. 

I will be presenting “Stress Solutions: How to identify your blind spots and increase your skills” which should be informative as well as enjoyable—for me at least—stress management being one of my very favorite soap boxes. 

Stress management is extra tricky for our ADD friends who have higher levels of basal stress from the bombardment of data their overworked prefrontal cortex is continually trying to field.  I’ll be providing some of the latest neurological research as well as an array of effective stress management options. 

Besides yours truly, this conference is bringing in some big name ADD folks such as Ari Tuckman PsyD author of More Attention, Less Deficit and Gina Perra, author of Is It You, Me or Adult ADD?.  To sign up follow this link:


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