One thought on “Finding Traction in a Slippery Situation

  1. I really like the focus on “focusing on what we can do.” While my spacing out occasionally throughout the day may not hit the levels of “dissociation” I am aware how a variation of that keeps me disconnected with my life.
    I’m starting to practice in small steps a mindfulness practice of really noticing what I’m doing – whether it’s eating my yogurt and oatmeal in the morning and instead of scarfing through it, to REALLY taste the textures. When I walk down the street instead of being in my head to where I need to get to, I’m trying more and more to enjoy the ride on the way there. I don’t do it every day but the moments I do, I get more of a sense of enjoyment in my life whether it’s from just getting a return smile from a stranger or noticing with all of my senses my life. That is a true gift

    Great post!

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