One thought on “GUT exposure

  1. Dear Tanya:
    I have experienced anxiety and have been looking for a cure ever since I was born. I discovered at a very early age that my anxiety diminished when I wrote and escaped into other imaginary peoples’ lives. My material for PTSD also started the day I was born. In my life I have had “loved ones” try to kill me twice, as well as 55 years of abuse, both emotional and sexual. I also lost a fiance in Vietnam. Now I am in a good place, and just submitted my eleventh novel, which was begun 25 years ago, before I even knew what the disorder was. I have also just written the above blog, which is “softer” than yours–appealing to that audience who is so frightened by mental illnes and anything to do with it. Obscure treatments never worked for me, so I have written about what did work. I’d love to do a guest blog post or an interview about my fiction dealing with PTSD. In my experience, I have found that a fictional treatment of something huge in your life often makes it manageable. It just helps to know someone else understands. Would you like to do something together? We can link our blogs and I can send you Pieces of Paris (my novel, not the actual thing!) Let me know what you think!

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