One thought on “Somatic Therapy

  1. Tanya, I’m about a third of the way through Peter Levine’s newest book, *In An Unspoken Voice* … It’s mind-blowing what this man understands about trauma and its aftermaths …

    I shake too … as soon as I’m up and semi-conscious in the a.m. and several times through the day … I shake whenever I’ve sat for a while … I shake after a shower … I shake after I’ve hauled several bags of groceries upstairs (I live three floors up in a walk-up!) … I notice how my cats immediately shake from head to tail if they’ve done something like fall off a counter (Naughty cats!) or if I bump into them …

    The shaking is fun and it feels so good … I am convinced that at 52 years old with both parents having had bad arthritis, my shaking on a daily basis — including very specific shakes to ankles, hands, knees, and other joints — helps me to stay arthritis-free …

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