9 thoughts on “Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

  1. Besides Couples Therapy , one can also refer to group counseling sessions or group therapy. This type of counseling deals with similar issues of couples going through a rough phase. During group counseling sessions, the therapist places different couples going through similar set of problems in their lives. Group sessions start with discussions amongst the participants followed by lectures. Such sessions offers a communicative platform to the participants for discussing their issues in open.

    1. I especially like group therapy because it gives participants the opportunity to receive feedback from people outside of their social/professional/family systems, so it is a environment for honesty, reflection and growth.

  2. Both Forms of EFT would benefit our Homeless Veterans Take Heart! website, includig Tanya’s group therapy OUTSIDE the typical circle of input.

    Having just discovered the FREEZE component of Fight or Flight, I am convinced to use this blog as a good reference for participants. Self Help is a big issue when in the Not Trusting the
    Shrink environment and many times, in the VA concept of everyone is bi-polar and mood disordered or PTSD, rightly so! This blog opens the door to possibly using Good Therapy!

    Too Bad you are not in Lexington, KY (for our efforts here … but hope to refer as the http://www.veteranstakeheart.weebly.com concept goes viral !!

    don hall
    founder – director

    1. Thanks Don. I don’t currently provide group therapy myself–actually I’ve tried to launch several groups without success. I checked out your website and think it’s a great idea to create low-cost housing for homeless vets. Keep me posted on your progress.

  3. Marriage and relationships are such delicate issues that a little emotional support and help in the Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy can always help you improve. Being in a relationship can be very demanding and difficult at times. Obviously, there are difficult phases in a relationship when one feels totally out of control and needs a little extra help and guidance to put things back on the right track. This help and support is well acknowledged in the form of professional counseling and therapy sessions.

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