10 thoughts on “Recovering from PTSD and Depression: What You Can Do

  1. What is so hard about PTSD is that when triggered, the emotional pain and psychological shock comes back just like the original trauma. It is also difficult to get family members to understand why that happens. I am doing so much better, but this weekend proved to me just how unexpectedly it can return, and how the intense emotions resurface. The intense reactions are rooted in betrayal for me, almost always. This weekend my own family left me in an unsafe situation, a situation that I had told them in the past that I could not do. And I could not do it, which sent me into the torture of a panic attack and the emotional shock that people who state that will keep you safe, are the ones who put you in danger. I do wish there was better information for family members so that they might understand.

    1. Sara that sounds like a terrifying and dissapointing experience. Sometimes asking family members to accompany you to therapy and have a few family sessions in order to get the therapist to advocate for what they need to do to support your healing can be helpful.

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