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I just did my very favorite November activity: I trekked down to the University Book Store to buy next year’s daily planner. For therapists, our daily planner is exactly as important as the Bible to a fundamentalist preacher.  Except we don’t tend to go around shaking it at people.

I slowly poked around the stacks and aisles of planners, comparing sizes and lay outs and covers and brands and arrived, as I always do on my very favorite type: a wildly overpriced weekly planner.

I’m proud to report that I went full-on tacky this year, with a fake alligator (!) pink (!!) cover which says both “attempt at sophistication” as well as “wishes she were a Vegas show girl.” If they had had one with peacock feathers and rhinestones, I would have gone with that in a heartbeat.

Even though I am most of the time a mature adult, I still need outlets for the googly-eyeball-loving kid in me. During this time of shrinking daylight, increased Seasonal Affective Disorder, and the stress of holiday commitments, engaging in little acts of self care can make all the difference between feeling merry and feeling quite contrary.

Right now is a great time to find a self-loving annual November ritual. Do it quick before your calendar is covered with commitments you are too busy to get away from.


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