10 thoughts on “Overcoming Social Anxiety: Don’t Be A Meanie (Formerly Titled “Are You An As$%)le?”)

  1. Hi Tanya,
    Nice topic. I’d like to add that many people who are “meanies” are reverting to child states when daily duties were truly overwhelming. Or they’re channeling the voice or someone who was critical and mean to them when they were kids. A good question for these folks is “Am I in my most adult self?” Another: “Whose voice is this? Do I want live by this one?
    In therapy, you’d want to integrate the kid voice and do a “parentectomy” on the other one.

  2. I’ve always criticized myself–and rightly so–for being selfish. There were things I could be doing with others that never even occurred to me because I was so wrapped up in myself. Granted, people with mood disorders struggle to control their thoughts and emotions, but the fact that I am not as interested in others (i.e., my children, my close friends) as I might be is motivation to do what I can to feel better. I always considered myself to be an extremely generous person, but . . . well, not everyone shares that interpretation. I’m still working to fix that. Great topic, and I loved Robin’s comments. I’m the type of person who needs to ask myself questions like that.

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