by Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti LICSW, MSW
spring 2014 032

Its spring and I’ve been rearranging furniture and repainting walls and futzing about with things like a maniac.
I actually steamed the living room curtains (!!!) so perhaps I’ve been possessed by the spirit of a 1950’s clean-aholic housewife. Note: if I start cooking with aspic, someone please stage an intervention.

My latest project has been fixing a long-broken outdoor fountain. It seemed like an impossible task. I replaced the pump: it didn’t work. I reinforced the connection between the pump and tubing: nothing. I then replaced the tubing: still no.

Finally my buddy Grant, a retired engineer, came by with his bag of tools and a mechanical aptitude I can only imagine. Within five minutes he had figured out what the problem was: gunk had built up on the inside of the nozzle. I cleaned that out; we reconnected the thing and viola! A fully working fountain now burbles happily in my back yard. As I write this, a bird is having his own private pool party.

We are not meant to do the hard parts of life on our own. Today, I am grateful for my community and the opportunity to draw on the wisdom of others.


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