7 thoughts on “What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

  1. Beautiful, Accurately sharing what you and all of us are experiencing in our own way. And then, gently challenging yourself, and all of us, to find our way out. Thanks

  2. thank you, dear Tanya – so beautifully said, so true, a reminder that this time of change is an opportunity to come to know ourselves in another way – and it will take us through all you mentioned – again and again – and can also bring us to a peaceful foundation that allows/supports all else that is….which also comes, and goes, like the tide…..
    sending love, Morgan

    1. Hello Teri Jo! I am no longer on Facebook–it was not feeling like a satisfying way to spend time, so I deleted my profile. I think they make it hard to post if you are not part of the system. But I’m so happy you enjoy my posts and have no problem being shared if you can figure out how. Happy holidays to you!

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