Hmmmm….I thought I already filled this out, WordPress! Okay so clearly my organizational skills (or lack thereof) extend to the virtual world. I’m betting that there’s an avatar out there with over due library books and car full of cracker crumbs that looks just like me.

I am a clinical social worker specializing in the treatment of trauma. I use EMDR, a theraputic tool that helps people move from chaos to integration. You can find my website at or reach me by email at or (too many options eh?) by phone 206 375-7690.

I welcome all mental health related questions!

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  1. I’m your avatar! — Just ask my husband about my overdue library books! 😀

    I’m curious about something, Tanya — just thought of it as I read that you practice EMDR.

    My one experience of this method brought on horrific vertigo, and actually triggered a traumatic abreaction. The rapidity of eye movement set it off.

    What I’ve read and heard about EMDR’s qualities and effects has been hugely positive … this stands in such contradiction to my experience (and the silly old thought, “Am I the only one??”) … I wonder if you have any understanding of what may have been occuring?

    It may have simply been a trigger, specific to my own history — and I do have “visual allergies” (extreme reactions) to strobe lights, certain flourescents (damn things!), etc.

    I’ve been nosing slowly through your blog this evening and am really enjoying it … Thank you!



    1. Aha! A great question: Many people who are visually sensitive should not do eye movements-it’s too over stimulating for them. The Bilateral stimulation can be done with sounds (auditory) and/or taps using a thera-tapper (which is what I use).

      My guess is that your experience was problematic for several reasons: one, you should not have had eye movements due to your sensitivity, two your therapist may not have been skillful at bringing you through the experience, and three you may have been into some traumatic material that your body was responding to—I’ve had clients insist they were going to throw up, pass out, die, etc… and then go on to get through the traumatic material beautifully.

      Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti LICSW, MSW check out my mental health blog: my website:

  2. Greetings!

    We wanted to reach out to some other groups that are raising awareness about PTSD. We are “Wounds That Don’t Bleed”, a group of people dedicated to bring to light the tragedy of PTSD and the effects it is having on both active duty soldiers and those who reside here in the states.

    Our team created a music video on the topic that can be viewed here: You can also check out our website here and our Facebook page here You can also email us using this address:

    If you could mention either the video, our Facebook page or our website with your group of dedicated people we would greatly appreciate it. We are all committed to the same cause and would love it if our video was able to help the PTSD cause.


    The Wounds That Don’t Bleed Team

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