Divorce Support Group

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The Unexpected Path: A Divorce Support Group

By Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti LICSW,MSW

For half of the adult population, marriage ends in divorce.  Divorce is often one of the greatest challenges of adult life.  Typically, divorce comes after years of struggle to make an incompatible marriage work. 

This means that divorcing people feel exhausted and depressed from the struggle.  Even if divorce is a liberation from that failing struggle (as often is the case), on a meta-level it also represents the loss of a shared dream, on the micro-level it is the loss of a person to sit next to on the sofa and check in with, and on a practical level it is the loss of someone to help maintain a household and build a future together with.  If the divorcing couple has children, fears about the children’s emotional stability can (and frankly should) preoccupy and concern the parents. 

I am starting a divorce support group in response to the adjustment challenges I see taking place in this major life transition.  We will discuss:

  • ·         The stages of grieving ,
  • ·         How to create a sense of closure,
  • ·         Managing co-parenting issues,
  • ·         Constructing a post-divorce identity,
  • ·         Talking about the end of your marriage with friends and family members,
  • ·         The importance of self care during the process
  • ·         When and how to begin dating again

Additionally we will develop and practice resources for self-soothing using techniques such as mindfulness based practices, writing and breathing exercises. 

This group will meet for ten weeks in the North Seattle area. 

Cost is $45 per group (payable as a onetime upfront fee of $450.  Payment options will be available for those who need them)

Additional cost:  Intake is a onetime fee of $95 to assess fit between potential participants and the group.  You will not be charged for intake if you are not an appropriate candidate for the group.

There will be one reduced-fee spot available for someone experiencing financial hardship.  For more information please inquire.

 In order to learn more about the group or to schedule an intake, please call 206 375-7690.

About the facilitator:  Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti LICSW, MSW is a therapist who specializes in trauma work and adult attention deficit disorder.  She works with individuals as well as couples and currently also runs a group for adults with social anxiety disorder.  You can learn more about her approach online at http://www.therapistseattle.net or check out her professional blog at www.seattletherapist.wordpress.com

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